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AFS is a family owned company from San Antonio, TX that helps the community, our customers and their families to better financial understanding. Our number one priority is to make financial services simple, easy and affordable for everyone.

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What our customers say about us.

Before the Pandemic I was freaking out constantly about the stimulus and did not know how I was going to get through my job letting me go. I am so glad I called AFS just in time that found me a comfortable, affordable payment plan to keep me afloat and do even better! Thank you!

Arturo T.

Amazing customer service, they understood my horrible financial situation and fixed it thank you AFS!!


Awesome ladies to work with!

Noemi Milanez

My credit was horrible, I wanted to buy a car and a house for my new baby. Thank AFS for their constant pressure on bureaus to clear all my junk! My credit score jumped in 30 days, thank you AFS

Laura S.

Best Place to have all your Financial Needs Taking care of. Taxes, Credit Repair, etc. Also auto Insurance. Excellent service The best place to meet all your financial needs. Taxes, Credit Repair, etc. Also Auto Insurance. Excellent service that welcomes Spanish speakers too

Jonathon Molette

I was going through a horrible time during the pandemic and was unsure of how to build my credit as a college student. I am so glad I was able to work on it with AFS to finally get a new car all while improving my credit! Thank you AFS!

Magali A.

Company made by professional women trustworthy people, you have doubts, you speak and they always answer you, 100% recommended